Originally set up in 1985, the University of Buckingham Press (UBP) is an independent company that works closely with the University of Buckingham, the UK’s first private university. In 2019, it was acquired by award-winning publishing group Legend Times.

UBP publishes a wide range of books (www.unibuckinghampress.com) and academic journals. Its journals are published under both subscription and open access models, covering diverse subjects, including medicine, law, ecomonics, cyber security and education. UBP's journals are published in partnership with a large number of university departments and professional associations.

UBP also works with a range of education institutions and trade body associations to publish Open Access Journals for their members and to a global audience. If you would like to discuss a Journal project simply email info@unibuckinghampress.com to get in touch with the UBP team.


  • The Buckingham Journal of Education

    The Buckingham Journal of Education is thematic and published twice yearly. Whilst it is based at the University of Buckingham is draws from an eclectic mix of academic authors beyond its borders who have an established track record in their field.

    Editor: Dr Max Coates

  • The Denning Law Journal

    The Denning Law Journal is a general, peer-refereed legal journal that publishes original articles that seek to promote the values cherished by Lord Denning.

    Editors: Dr Sarah Sargent and James Slater

  • The Journal of Cyber Resilience

    The Journal of Cyber resilience will focus on providing new insight, guidance and ideas for managing enterprise cyber resilience as a critical business risk. It will combine inter-disciplinary articles that bring together leading commentators, practitioners and academics in the changing face of technology and the human factor, as well as cyber challenges including risk management, insurance and ethics, regulation and governance.

    Editor-in-chief: Prof. Julian Richards, University of Buckingham

  • Journal of Medical Education Research

    Journal of Medical Education Research is an open access journal of medical education research, publishing peer reviewed research, perspectives, and novel ideas.

    Chief editor: Dr Bharathy Kumaravel
    Editorial team: Joanne Harris, Andy McKeown, Andrew Thompsett, Emma Spikings, Andrea Petrella, Suhaib Abdurrezag Ghula

  • The Journal of Gambling Business and Economics

    The aim of the Journal of Gambling Business and Economics is to be relevant to a wide range of parties, from academics to policy-makers to those involved in the business and commercial side of betting and gaming.

    Editor: Leighton Vaughan Williams

  • The Journal of Prediction Markets

    The Journal of Prediction Markets is an academic peer reviewed journal publishing articles, both commissioned and submitted, survey articles, case studies and book reviews.

    Editor: Leighton Vaughan Williams

  • Independent Student Journal

    Established in 2017, the Independent Student Journal shall promote the free exchange of student research with minimal academic or editorial interference. The Journal, reflecting the free-thinking ethos espoused by the University of Buckingham, aims to become a beacon for university students across the globe, championing the fundamental rights of research and writing within contentious and controversial subjects. 

  • West London Medical Journal

    The journal is aimed at a wide spectrum of medical audience and will publish interesting case reports, review articles, reviews of literature on selected topics. As articles are peer-reviewed.

  • The Buckingham Journal of Language and Linguistics

    Edited by:

    Graeme Davis, Professorial Research Fellow, University of Buckingham

    Karl Bernhardt, Research Fellow, University of Buckingham

    David Jacques, Senior Research Fellow, University of Buckingham