Independent Student Journal

The Independent Student Journal is a politically neutral, non-biased, student endeavour promoting free thinking and original thought though contemporary issues and ideas with minimum interference. The Journal values independent thinking for independent minds, and provides students, from all nation-states and backgrounds, with an impartial platform of the free exchange of ideas, opinions, and research. The Journal does not impose any restrictions on academic freedoms whilst operating a quality peer review progress, and acknowledging the various legal obligations of twenty-first century free press.

Students are invited to think freely, and to challenge current ideas, opinions, and perspectives though original articles within the following subject areas:

  • Law
  • Security and Intelligence
  • International Relations
  • Economics
  • Medicine

Articles should explore and promote liberty, freedom for the individual, freedom of state intervention, and global libertarianism, amongst  other aspects found within Section Policies. For the purposes of this Journal, students completing undergraduate qualifications (including certificates or diplomas), postgraduate qualifications, training contacts, pupilage, apprenticeships or other graduate programmes are welcome to contribute.

The Editorial Board for 2017 comprises of both undergraduate and postgraduate students studying a diverse range of subjects. Students interested in joining the Editorial Board should contact the Editor-In-Chief.



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