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Understanding Chinese Gamblers' Adoption of Online Casinos based on E-Marketing Mix Model

Kin Meng Sam, Chris Chatwin


This paper presents a quantitative study of online casino adoption based on the e-marketing mix model. The Internet has changed the business context of many industries. Online casino is one such rapidly growing industry. Different e-marketing approaches have been widely adopted by online casinos to attract more customers. In China, there are twice as many online gamblers as there are online shoppers. Due to the high population in China, the market potential is huge. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of Chinese gamblers’ perceptions of e-marketing mix elements on their adoption of online casinos. The results can provide a reference for investors to develop more effective online casino businesses.


Online casinos; E-marketing mix elements; Chinese gamblers’ perceptions; Online casino adoption; Behavioral intention; Actual usage

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