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Gainsbury, Sally, Centre for Gambling Education & Research, Southern Cross University
Gallet, Craig Arthur, California State University, Sacramento
Gandolfo, Alessandro, Department of Economics and Management - University of Pisa
Garyn-Tal, Sharon, Department of Economics and Management, The Max Stern Yezreel Valley Academic College
Geronikolaou, George, Democritus Univerity of Thrace, Department of Economics, Greece
Goudriaan, Anna E., University of Amsterdam, Academic Medical Center
Goulard, Sebastien, Centre d'etudes sur la Chine moderne et contemporaine EHESS
Goussak, Gregory W, University of Southern Nevada
Gramm, Marshall, Rhodes College Department of Economics and Business
Gramm, Marshall
Grant, Andrew, Discipline of Finance, School of Business, The University of Sydney
Griffiths, Mark D.
Grote, Kent, Department of Economics and Business, Lake Forest College
Gu, Xinhua, Department of Finance and Business Economics, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau.
Gu, Xinhua
Guan, Jieqi, Tourism College, Institute of Tourism Studies
Guan, Jieqi, Tourism College, Institute for Tourism Studies

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