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A 16 year old female presented with a two month history of an uncomfortable mass in her upper inner thigh. The mass was thought to be cystic in nature and removed as a day case procedure. However, on histological examination the mass was found to be composed of abundant myxoid stroma, and a diagnosis of aggressive angiomyxoma (AAM) was iagnosed.1 Following the histology report and given AAM’s propensity to recur 5,7,  further resection of the margins were carried out , which were found to be contain two small patches of tumour. AAM is a very rare benign mesenchymal tumour found mainly in the pelvis and perineum. The patient remains recurrence free one year on. Up until now most cases have been described in patients in their 3rd and 4th decade. 3, 11 This case report highlights the need to consider AAM in all women of reproductive age who present with a mass of unknown cause in the vaginal surrounding area.

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